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Originally from China, the persimmon is also called a date plum. Hachiya and Fuyu are the two main varieties. Hachiya is the taller and the Fuyu the flatter of the two. The Hachiya is best eaten very ripe and soft while the Fuyu is best-enjoyed firm.

Persimmons are available October to December from California, December to February from Israel (called Sharon Fruit), and then from Chile in our spring.

Other Exotics
When available we carry some of the other main exotic fruits including Loquats, Carambola (Star Fruit), Litchis (Lychee), Quinces, Asian Pears, Blood Oranges, Buddha's Hand, Cactus Pear, Currants, Cherimoya, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Figs, Finger Limes, Gold Kiwi, Jujube, Kaffir Lime, Kaki Persimmon, Key Lime, Kumquat, Longan, Maradol Papaya, Mexican Lemon, Oro Bianca, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Pomelo, Rambutan, Sour Orange, Tamarillo, Tamarind, Ugli Fruit, Uniq Fruit, Limequat, Sprite Melon, and Olives.
Handling / Storage
Storage Temperatures
Persimmons - 55 F
Loquats - 50 F
Carambola (Star Fruit) - 40 F
Litchi (Lychee) - 50 F
Quinces - 40 F
Common PLU's
4427 - Regular

4256 - Regular

Litchi (Lychee)
4309 - Regular

4447 - Regular

4308 - Regular

Blood Oranges
4381 - Regular

3088 - Regular

Dragon Fruit
6057 - Regular

4266 - Black
4268 - Green
4267 - Brown

Gold Kiwi
3279 - Regular

4307 - Regular

3041 - Regular

4328 - Regular

Sprite Melon
3289 - Regular
Common Varieties
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