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Figs are an ancient fruit, originally found in the Middle East and were coveted by the ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilizations. Hieroglyphic writings have been found on the walls of the pyramids extolling the virtues of figs as a health tonic and the original Olympic medals were fresh figs.

Most of the fresh figs we consume come from California where they are harvested from early June to early September.

The main varieties are Black Mission, Calimyrna (white), and Kadota (white). Figs are excellent natural humectants (moisturizers) for baked goods, and are a delicious and romantic addition to any meal.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 34 F, 1.1 C
Relative humidity: 85-90 percent
Typical shelf life: 10-12 days

Ripen at room temperature, uncovered, out of direct sun and turn frequently.
Use ripe fruit as soon as possible.
If figs must be stored, arrange them in a single layer on paper-towel-lined-trays. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few days.

Figs can be put into a sealed bag and frozen for up to six months.
Common PLU's
Common Varieties
Black Mission
Brown Turkey
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