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Garlic surely carries with it lore like no other produce item. From warding off vampires and witches to curing toothaches and use as an antibiotic during both World Wars, garlic has a long list of practical and mythical uses throughout history. Today, garlic is mostly appreciated for its distinctive flavor as an addition to almost anything.

The main garlic strains produced today are: California Late, California Early, Argentina White, Mexican Purple, Mexican White, and Chinese White.

California is our primary domestic producer, contributing about 90 % of the Domestic harvest. California harvests in the summer and can store the crop for months. Argentina, China, and Chile are major sources in the winter months and Mexico fills the gap before California gets going in the summer.

Bulbs should be large and firm. The sheath should be tight and unbroken.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 32 - 34 F, 0 - 1.1 C
Relative Humidity: 65 - 75 %
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: 90 -120 days

Store in a well-ventilated place.
Always keep elephant and conventional garlic dry; moisture is damaging.
Common PLU's
4608 - Regular
4609 - Elephant
3052 - String
Black Gallie
Common Varieties
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