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Kiwi was first found in the Chang Kiang Valley of China, where it was considered a special treat to the Great Khans. In 1906, the fruit was introduced to New Zealand where it flourished and was named after their national bird the Kiwi, whose fuzzy brown exterior resembles the skin of a Kiwifruit. It was introduced to California in 1935, and commercial production began around 1960.

Almost all domestically grown kiwi comes from California, October through April. Imports are substantial year round with the main sources being New Zealand, Chile, Italy, and Greece.

Kiwifruit can be used in fruit salads, sorbet, cakes, juices or eaten fresh. Kiwi is a great source of vitamins C and E and potassium.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 32 F, 0 C, backroom storage
Relative humidity: 90 - 95%
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: Up to 28 days, refrigerated; 3 - 7 days, at room temperature
Common PLU's
4059 - Small, size 42 and smaller
4030 - Large, size 39 and larger
3279 - Golden
3280 - Regular, Jumbo size 22 and larger
Common Varieties
Golden Kiwi
Baby Kiwi
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