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The lemon originated in China and was favored in their ancient culture for its flavor and healthful qualities. Seventeenth century British sailors started the practice of taking lemons on journeys to prevent scurvy. Lemons can be used as a cleaner, for an example of its strength; lemon juice does an excellent job of cleaning up corroded copper. However, fresh lemon is mostly enjoyed for it's particularly refreshing flavor in cooking and drinks.

California and Arizona produce most of the lemons used in the fresh market in the United States and these two states comprise about one third of world production. Argentina is another enormous supplier to the world market.

Eureka and Lisbon are the two main varieties of acidic lemons, Meyer is a sweet variety we receive from California in the winter/spring.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 45 - 48 F, 7.2 - 8.9 C
Relative humidity: 85 - 90%
Mist: Lightly
Typical shelf life: Several weeks if properly refrigerated
Common PLU's
4033 - Small
4958 - Medium
4053 - Large
Common Varieties
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