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Virtually all of our Mango supply is imported, with Mexico being our nation's largest source.

There are many varieties of mangoes each with its own characteristics. Mangoes are a wonderful fruit that are enjoyed more and more every year in this country. Mangoes are the most widely consumed fruit in the world. America is realizing what the rest of the world already knows; mangoes are a delicious treat.

February to August look for the Ataulfo variety, these are small, cone shaped, with a yellow to golden color and exceptional flavor. Tommy Atkins, Kent, and Haden are also excellent varieties that are available nearly year round.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 55 F, 12.8 C
Relative humidity: 85 - 90 %
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: 7 - 14 days
Ethylene producer
Susceptible to chilling injury
Common PLU's
4311 - Green (Keitt and Kent)
4051 - Red (Tommy Atkins and Hayden)
4312 - Yellow
Common Varieties
Tommy Atkins
Van Dyke
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