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98 % of domestic pear production comes from Washington and Oregon.

The main three varieties are Anjou, Bartlett, and Bosc. All three are excellent when ripe, however many lesser known varieties offer wonderful colors, shapes, and flavors.

In Britain in 1640 only 60 varieties were cataloged as being in Britain, by 1866 the American author T.W. Field cataloged 850 varieties. The growth in number and quality of pear varieties was mainly the work of a few dedicated breeders in France and Belgium at the end of the eighteenth century, who selected and bred most modern varieties.

Pears make great dessert fruits and may be used in much the same way as apples. They can be sliced and used in tarts, baked, stewed, pickled or pureed. We carry a wide selection of pears all year, as Argentina, Chile and New Zealand are contra-seasonal suppliers.

Asian Pears
Available nearly all year, Asian pears are also known as oriental pears, Chinese pears, apple pears, and Nashi apples. Main domestic sources are California, Washington, and Oregon and main import sources are Japan, Chile and New Zealand. Most varieties are characteristically crunchy, juicy, and very sweet. Popular varieties include the 20th Century (Nijisseiki), Kosui, Kikusui, Shinseiki, and Niitaka. Ya Li, Tsu Li, and Seuri are lesser known Asian pears we carry.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: Ripe, 32 F, 0 C; to ripen, 60 - 70 F, 15.6 - 21.28 C
Relative humidity: 90 - 95%
Mist: no
Typical shelf life: 60 - 90 days
Ethylene producer
Odor producer
Moderately sensitive to freezing injury

The best flavor and texture develop when pears are ripened off the tree. They are picked unripe, but mature. Fruit allowed to ripen on the tree develops a coarse, woody or gritty texture.
When ripening, avoid too much heat; temperatures above 80 F, 26.88 C, can cause damage to flavor and appearance.
Common PLU's
4406 - Asian, white
4407 - Asian, yellow
4408 - Asian, brown
4024 - Bartlett, small
4409 - Bartlett, large
4410 - Bartlett, red
4411 - Bosc, small, East
4026 - Bosc, small, West
4412 - Bosc, large, East
4413 - Basc, large West
4414 - Comice
4415 - Comice, red
4025 - Anjou, small
4416 - Anjou, large
4417 - Anjou, red
4421 - Packham
4422 - Seckel
4423 - Tree-ripened
Common Varieties
Red Anjou
Red Bartlett
Winter Nelis
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