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Cultivated and selected from the wild by the people of Central America for thousands of years, the pineapple was a huge hit with the crew of Columbus in 1493. The first fruit surviving the voyage back was regarded as nearly as great a discovery as the New World itself. Pineapple motifs began appearing in European art, and by 1550 international pineapple trading had begun.

Pineapple is available year-round, peaking March to June. Hawaii is the largest producer, followed by Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico. The most widely planted variety is the Smooth Cayenne.

In 1996 Del Monte rocked the industry with the introduction of the Del Monte Gold variety. These golden ripe pineapples have a wonderful smooth sweetness and beautiful golden color, it's no wonder they have become the pineapple of choice. We carry Del Monte Gold's all year.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: Mature green, 50 -55 F, 10 -12.8 C; ripe 45 F, 7.2 C
Relative humidity: 85 - 90%
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: 14 - 36 days
Odor - sensitive
susceptible to chilling injury
Fresh-cut: Temperature: 32 - 35 F, 0 - 1.7 C
Typical shelf life: 1 day
Common PLU's
4029 - Small
4030 - Large
4431 - Jet fresh, small
4432 - Jet fresh, large
Common Varieties
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