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No other produce category offers the wide array of colors, shapes, and flavors we find with plums, plumcots, pluots, and apriums.

Grown primarily in California during our summer and Chile during our winter, we offer the best selections in June, July and particularly August for California fruit and January, February, and March for Chilean fruit.

A plumcot is a half plum half apricot mix. A pluot has more plum parentage and an aprium has more apricot parentage. Many Pluots are called Plumcots as it is just easier for the consumer to understand.

Plums and pluots come in many shades of purples, reds, yellows, greens, and blacks - this variety can really add excitement to produce displays. There are very few commercially produced apriums as they tend to be even more delicate than apricots.

In June be sure to look for the Flavorosa pluot, this pluot is fantastic! The Flavorosa has a purple exterior, a deep red flesh, is very sweet and it explodes with juice when ripe. Another favorite pluot is the Flavor Grenade, which comes in August. Like the Flavorosa it is very juicy and sweet, however the Flavor Grenade is firm when ripe.

Just as with nectarines and peaches, it is important that these fruits are picked with optimal maturity and they should be kept out of the "Killing Zone" temperature range of 36 F to 50F in order to avoid the flesh drying out.
Handling / Storage
Temperature shipping point and in transit: 32 -34 F, 0 - 1.1 C; receivers: 51 - 77 F, 10.6 - 25.2 C, pulp temperature
Relative humidity: 90 - 95 percent
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: 14 - 28 days
Ethylene producer
Highly sensitive to freezing injury
Common PLU's
4039 - Black, small
4040 - Black, large
4434 - Green, small
4435 - Green, large
4436 - Italian prune
4437 - Purple, small
4438 - Purple, large
4041 - Red, small
4042 - Red, large
4439 - Tree-ripened, small
4440 - Tree-ripened, large
4441 - Yellow, small
4442 - Yellow, large
3278 - Inter-specific (Pluot)
Common Varieties
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