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Domestic production of asparagus is concentrated in California and Washington, with California producing about three times the volume of Washington. California's harvest begins in February, peaks in April and winds down in June. Washington peaks in the May - June period.

Imports are substantial 10 months of the year with May and June being the exceptions. Mexico is our primary supplier for January, February and March. South American imports peak September through December with Peru being the largest supplier.

We regularly handle locally grown asparagus when available.

Look for asparagus that is very green and firm, with closed and compact tips.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 37-41 F, 2.8-5 C
Relative Humidity: 95-100 percent
Mist: Lightly
Typical shelf life: 10-21 days
Highly sensitive to freezing injury

Asparagus is seldom stored for more than 10 days; if product is to be held for more than 10 days, store at 35 F to avoid low-temperature chilling injury.

Asparagus Tip:
Asparagus continues to grow after it is harvested. To ensure your asparagus is fresh, avoid crates with asparagus growing out the top.
Common PLU's
4080-Green, small
4521-Green, large
4522-White, small
4523-White, large
Common Varieties
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