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Our ever growing health conscious society is returning to one of the oldest cultivated fruits, the Pomegranate, to help us battle disease. The Pomegranate offers many health benefits while remaining beautiful and delicious. Scientific studies confirm that diets rich in fruits that contain antioxidants, along with regular exercise, may help to slow or prevent the development of cancer. Pomegranates are a superior source of antioxidants. With all that the Pomegranate has going for it, it is easy to predict that this will be a fast growing produce category. Fresh Pomegranates from California are available September through January. Wonderful is not only a great way to describe the pomegranate, it is the name of the most popular variety. As counties like Chile gain admission to the U.S.A. with their pomegranate crop, we will see this great fruit become available throughout the year.
Handling / Storage
Temperatures: 32 41 F
Mist: No
Typical Shelf life: 25 35 days
Moderately sensitive to freezing injury
Common PLU's
4445 42s and smaller
3127 36s and larger
Common Varieties
Early Foothill
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