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Avocados consumed in the US are mainly grown in California and Mexico. There are sometimes windows when avocados from South America will be imported, usually in the fall.

The Haas variety is the main variety produced. The Haas will turn black when ripe. Most Florida varieties and non-Haas varieties remain green.

Unlike most fruits, the avocado will not soften on the tree. Fruit at full maturity can actually be "stored" on the tree for months, this enables avocado farmers to spread the harvest, avoid over supply situations, thereby keeping the prices high.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: cold-tolerant, 40 F, 4.4 C; cold-intolerant, 55 F, 13.3 C
Relative humidity: 85 percent
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: 14-28 days
Ethylene producer
Highly sensitive to freezing injury
Susceptible to chilling injury

Avocados are best when ripened at 70 F, 21.1 C, but never above 85 F, 29.4 C.
Fruit should not be moved from one temperature to another frequently. Avocados should be ripened off before they are refrigerated in the home.

Fruit can be shipped in its unripe/hard state and then ripened down once it is delivered.
Common PLU's
4221-Green, small, East
4222-Green, small, West
4771-Green, medium, East
4223-Green, large, East
4224-Green, large, West
4046-Hass, small, West
4225-Hass, large, West
4770-Hass, extra large, West
Common Varieties
California Types:

Florida Types:
West Indian
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