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The virtually seedless citrus delight known as Clementines have existed for thousands of years, yet interestingly have only gained popularity in this country since the 1990's.

Clementines will grow virtually seedless if isolated from other seeded citrus items, such as lemons. Valencia, Spain, where most of our imported Clementines come from has a very strict policy in place that assures minimal cross-pollination with seeded varieties.

Domestic growers in California have been able to isolate their clementine crops the same way as their counterparts in Spain have done. The domestic California crop has similar availability as Spain thus providing the American consumer with plentiful supplies from November through February.

The best variety is the Clemenule. The Clemenule is the very sweet and easy peeling variety everyone loves, look for Clemenules throughout December and into January.

Once the Spanish and California crops of clementines are finished at the end of January, you can still enjoy this flavorful fruit with supplies of Afourer mandarins from California from February through April.
Handling / Storage
Best stored in high humidity cooler at 45 F
2.5 kilo (5lb) Gift box, packed as 15's to 40's, most popular sizes are 20's to 32's.
2, 3, 4, and 5 pound bag and clamshell packs also available
Common PLU's
4450 Regular
Common Varieties
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