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The winter holiday season is the primary promotion period for dried fruit and nuts. Generally from October through December we carry a wide selection of packaged and bulk nuts, dried fruit and dates. All year we carry roasted peanuts in both 25 lb boxes and 24/10oz bags.

Additionally, we carry for the winter holiday season:
50 lb bags of top quality, in shell: mixed nuts, almonds, pecans, jumbo Hartley walnuts, filberts (hazelnuts), and brazil nuts.
25 lb boxes of loose and/or packaged: California natural and red pistachios, walnuts and mixed nuts.
Also various packages of fresh Deglet Noor and Medjool dates, pitted cup dates, and dried Turkish Apricots.

Check our price list during the season for the selection available. We will also special order an item you do not see on our list.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: semi-dry, 32-40 F, 0-4.4 C; soft 0-32 F, -17.8-0 C
Relative humidity: 75-80 percent
Mist: None
Typical shelf life: One month at room temperature, six to eight months refrigerated, and one year frozen in airtight containers.
Odor sensitive

Medjools should be treated more like a fresh product than a dried fruit. Moisture loss can be regained by pumping dates with warm water, fruit juice or liquor.

Dried Fruit
Temperature: room temperature
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: Up to 1- years
Ethylene producer

Temperature: 32-41 F, 0-5 C
Relative humidity: 65-70 percent
Mist: No
Typical shelf life: Up to 12 months

Nuts must be kept in ammonia-free refrigeration.
Prevent moisture absorption by keeping cases off the floor and away from brick or concrete walls, which have a tendency to retain moisture.
Common PLU's
3045-Fresh, on branch

Dried Fruit
3337-Dried Figs
4860-Dried Apple slices
4861-Dried Apricots
4864-Dried Pineapple

4926-Brazil Nuts
4928-Hazelnuts (Filberts)
4931-Peanuts, raw
4932-Peanuts, roasted, salted
4933-Peanuts, roasted, unsalted
4939-Pistachio, natural
4940-Pistachio, red
4943-Walnuts, regular
Common Varieties
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Product Availability
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